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All about Adelaide and its people.

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Adelaide, Australia - The place and the people.
Welcome to the Adelaideians' Community.

"I say to Australians from other cities who really start giving me shit about Adelaide, that they should consider that Australia may very well be the Adelaide of the western world."
(Ben Folds of Ben Folds Five).

This community is a place where Adelaide people and people interested in Adelaide can discuss pretty much anything. It is also intended as a place for posting about events and information directly relating to Adelaide.

You do not need to live in Adelaide, or even to have visited Adelaide, to join this community, so feel free to jump right in :).

Please use an LJ Cut if you are posting large images, or long posts. Failure to do so will result in a request to do this. If the request is ignored your post will be deleted. If you repeat offend you will be banned, as basically it is just manners to use an LJ cut.

Any abusive or offensive posts will be deleted without warning, and users in question banned. That said, discussion is fine and disagreements will occur, just attack the view and not the person holding them.

If you wish to contact a moderator about anything, please contact Curefreak, in confidence, at this post, or by email.

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